Unparalleled technology.
Unmatched insight.

IDI uses an advanced machine learning, cloud-native platform and massive data repository to reveal unseen relationships and deliver actionable intelligence.

Operate with confidence

The industry’s most powerful technology and comprehensive data assets enable real-time identification and location of people, businesses, assets, and their interrelationships. IDI’s identity verification, marketing services, and risk management solutions empower organizations to meet their challenges with confidence.


Transforming data into intelligence

IDI brings clarity to disparate data, driving workflow efficiency and enabling organizations to make better decisions.

Seamlessly Integrate

Purpose-built for the enterprise, yet flexible enough for organizations of all sizes. Seamlessly integrate with our cloud-native technology platform’s advanced identity intelligence solutions.

Manage Risk

Advanced analytic and enterprise solutions support operations in real time, providing the ability to make informed decisions and mitigate risk.

Verify Identities

In a world of omnichannel engagement, verifying a consumer’s identity is more important than ever. Obtain comprehensive identity intelligence that meets your specific identity needs and workflow.

Simplify Compliance

Turn-key solutions drive actionable insights and better outcomes, supporting your compliance with government and industry regulations.

Improve Efficiency

Easily integrate IDI’s solutions to streamline your organization’s existing workflows.

Virtually Unlimited Scalability and Performance

Free your organization from capacity and performance constraints.

Save Time and Money

IDI’s intuitive solutions translate to more value with less effort.

Accelerate Acquisitions

Get comprehensive insights to understand, reach and engage your audiences with IDI’s industry-leading consumer identity graph.