Recover debt more efficiently

IDI provides powerful collections and recovery solutions that arm professionals with the information they need to locate debtors and more effectively recover debt.

AI/ML-powered collection and recovery solutions with superior right-party contact data

With frequent changes of addresses, phone numbers and employers, the U.S. population is more transient than ever, creating disparate data that delivers inconsistent, outdated, incomplete, or even outright incorrect contact and location information on individuals. Leveraging the industry’s most advanced and performant cloud-native, identity intelligence platform and drawing upon a massive repository of data assets covering nearly 100% of the U.S. adult population, our debt and asset recovery solutions provide the industry’s most up-to-date and accurate right-party contact and location information.


A next-generation identity intelligence solution used to address a variety of organizational challenges, including investigations, due diligence, risk mitigation, identity verification, individual and asset location, and regulatory compliance.

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Blends proprietary data sources and sophisticated manual verification by industry experts to locate bank account and place of employment information in support of judgment recovery.

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Intuitive Online Interface, Flexible API, and Industry-Leading Batch Processing

Leverage industry-leading phone numbers and other right-party contact information

Seamlessly integrate into existing workflows with intuitive interfaces whether using online, API, or batch

Monitor data attributes daily, including deceased and bankruptcy records

Leverage on-demand data, including Active Duty Status, Cell Phone Suppression Scrub, and FDCPA Litigant Scrub

Count on leading-edge security

Flexible pricing solutions including seat, per-hit, and flat-rate