Energize Customer Relationships and Accelerate New Acquisitions

Build deeper relationships from the moment of engagement with AI-powered consumer intelligence and identity solutions for your most complex marketing challenges.

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The foundation for meaningful, effective marketing

Drive results with IDI’s industry-leading consumer identity graph built from thousands of public and proprietary data sources to better identify, understand, and engage your audience. IDI’s curated data solutions address your key use cases with unique consumer insights and unmatched data quality.

With 500+ attributes across more than 260 million U.S. consumers, IDI’s deep consumer data helps you deliver hyper-targeted offers and personalized messaging to your customers across the channels and platforms they occupy.

Maximize Audience Intelligence

Industry-leading, AI-powered consumer identity resolution and intelligence solutions help you recognize your customers from the moment of engagement.

Build Stronger Connections

Get a comprehensive view of your customer across channels for improved targeting and personalization, helping to launch more successful campaigns that build recognition and loyalty.

Increase Response Rates

Unique cloud-native marketing solutions create hyper-targeted marketing campaigns with impactful messaging that yields increased engagement and conversions.

Generate Quality Leads

Use our robust consumer lead data including demographic, financial, life event, and property ownership insights to create high-performing lists based on ideal customer profiles and attributes.

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Unleash the Power of the Most Advanced Identity
Intelligence Platform

Introducing CORE™. Purpose-built for the enterprise—yet flexible enough for organizations of all sizes—our cloud-native technology platform is the most advanced and performant identity intelligence platform on the market.


Advanced, fully automated design to be used at scale with the help of machine learning


Automated monitoring, flexible APIs and industry-leading batch processing allows for virtually unlimited capacity and performance


Analyzing billions of data points in real time, delivering greater intelligence and unparalleled insights for decision-making


Fortified, fully auditable, layered environment with industry-leading compliance standards