A leading comprehensive database of national criminal history records

idiCRIM™ is a leading solution to the background screening industry, providing the ability to search a comprehensive database of national criminal, court, arrest, and sex offender records in support of the screening process.

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Leverage the most advanced identity intelligence platform to
improve outcomes

idiCRIM is a powerful solution designed to reduce false positives, minimize costly manual reviews, and improve efficiency in support of the background screening industry. Built upon IDI’s industry-leading identity intelligence platform, idiCRIM uses proprietary matching algorithms layered upon a massive data repository to provide superior criminal information.

When combined, idiCRIM and idiTRACE provide the background screening industry with a comprehensive suite of relevant information enabling them to confidently proceed with their screening process.

Instant Results

Instantly identify potential criminal records with basic input data such as name, address, and date of birth

Differentiated Data Assets

Powered by a massive data repository with historical depth of over 30 years

Cloud-Native Platform

Advanced, fully-automated design enabling virtually unlimited scalability and extraordinary transaction speed


Seamlessly integrate a comprehensive solution into your screening process

idiCRIM provides a powerful solution that easily integrates into your screening process with a highly flexible API and data filters that can be customized to your, and your customers,’ unique business requirements.

Increased Efficiency

Improve margins and mitigate risk by reducing false positives via machine learning and advanced linking algorithms

Reduce Cost and Save Time

Reduce cost, time, and frustration, with fully customizable search and filter options

Operate with Confidence

Uncover connections and relevance of criminal information

Maintain Compliance

A heavily-fortified, secure environment including SOC 2 Type 2, PCI DSS Level 1, and ISO 27001 certified

Unmatched Customer Support

A dedicated team of technology and data experts standing by to support your needs

Unleash the Power of the Most Advanced Identity
Intelligence Platform

Introducing CORE™. Purpose-built for the enterprise—yet flexible enough for organizations of all sizes—our cloud-native technology platform is the most advanced and performant identity intelligence platform on the market.


Advanced, fully automated design to be used at scale with the help of machine learning


Automated monitoring, flexible APIs and industry-leading batch processing allows for virtually unlimited capacity and performance


Analyzing billions of data points in real time, delivering greater intelligence and unparalleled insights for decision-making


Fortified, fully auditable, layered environment with industry-leading compliance standards