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A Premier Source of Applicant Address and Alias History.

idiTRACETM is an enhanced version of the technology that has powered top SSN Trace solutions for years.

idiTRACE enables background screening organizations to acquire the address and alias history of a job applicant on behalf of an employer through customized search parameters and filters, such as name, aliases, social security number, and date of birth.

With historical data coverage of more than 30 years and entity resolution capabilities powered by machine learning, idiTRACE maximizes information output while reducing false positives in search results.

idiTRACE delivers comprehensive reports that include insight into an individual’s:

  • Address history (with relevant address dates)
  • Alias history (maiden names, nicknames, or aliases)
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number

Why iditrace?

idiTRACE may be integrated into 3rd party technology platforms or can be accessed directly by CRAs for use in business processes in connection with their applicant background screening.

  • Powered by a massive data repository with a historical depth of 30+ years and comprehensive coverage of the adult US population.
  • Reduce costs, time and frustration with fully customizable search and filter options.
  • Enjoy endless scalability and extraordinary transaction speed through a cloud-native platform.
  • Improve screening efficiency and reduce search false positives through machine learning and advanced linking algorithms.
  • Utilize customizable fuzzy search parameters and filters that can be tailored to an employer’s specifications.
  • Easily integrate into existing workflows or tools via turnkey API.
  • Certified for SOC 2, ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI compliance.
  • Leverage a dedicated team of technology and data experts standing by to support your needs.

Use idiTRACE with Confidence.

Interactive Data, LLC (IDI) is an established leader in the information solutions market and a subsidiary of Red Violet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDVT).

More than 6,500 organizations operating in a variety of industries currently utilize our solutions including government, law enforcement, financial institutions, insurance carriers, law firms, and various additional investigative industries.

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