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Industry-Leading Applicant Verification Solution

Powering top SSN Trace solutions for years, idiTRACETM is now available direct.

Run your business with confidence. Instantly verify applicant names, aliases, Social Security number, date of birth, and address history.

Why iditrace?

idiTRACE is powered by our proprietary, next-generation investigative solution, idiCORETM. idiCORE rapidly processes and unifies enormous datasets with the speed, scalability, and throughput that only a cloud-native platform can deliver.


  • Is powered by a massive data repository covering ~95% of the adult US population, updated daily.
  • Utilizes highly sophisticated data cleansing and linking algorithms powered by machine learning to offer superior data coverage and quality.
  • Provides extraordinary transaction speed and virtually endless scalability.
  • SOC2 Type 2, ISO/IEC 27001, and PCI certified environment.
  • Allows advanced customization of search and filter criteria to fit any organization’s specific needs and work processes.


Over 6,500 organizations currently utilize our information solutions – government, law enforcement, Fortune 500, insurance carriers, law firms, and various additional investigative industries.

Incorporate idiTRACE into your workflow with confidence:

  • Turnkey API integration
  • Dedicated team of technology and data experts standing by to support your specific needs
  • IDI is an established leader in the information solutions market and a subsidiary of Red Violet, Inc. (NASDAQ: RDVT)

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