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Identity data tailored to your needs

coreIDENTITY is a comprehensive suite of identity solutions that encompasses the full customer identity lifecycle from acquisition to onboarding and beyond with out-of-the-box APIs and customizable workflows.

A powerful entity resolution and data orchestration platform

coreIDENTITY is comprised of solutions which can be used individually, or together for even greater value. Each solution can be integrated within your KYC program and identity data lifecycle, supporting your compliance with relevant privacy governance frameworks.

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Entity Resolution Engine

Powered By Our Identity Intelligence Platform, CORETM

CORE is a cloud-native, AI/ML driven entity resolution engine powered with advanced linking logic and algorithms. Drawing upon an exhaustive repository of data assets consisting of credit header, proprietary, public record, and publicly-available data covering nearly 100% of the US adult population, CORE provides identity intelligence and real-time analytics with expanded depth and wider coverage. Gain intelligent insight into people, businesses, assets, and their interrelationships, with a cloud-native infrastructure that is fully automated, providing low latency and high throughput that is scalable to virtually unlimited capacity and performance. Leverage CORE’s entity resolution engine to gain a better understanding of your own data regardless of the disparate sources and structures your data may reside in.

Identity Data Bridge

The identity data bridge allows you to leverage our industry-leading proprietary data to enhance your existing customer profiles while maintaining clear governance and control of your data throughout the journey. Our identity data bridge facilitates both current and complete data compliance.

Data Orchestration Layer

Our data orchestration layer allows you to acquire customers and better understand their journey, obtaining a holistic view of their lifecycle utilizing turn-key APIs with customizable workflows, all while delivering a seamless, personalized digital experience for the customer.

Whether you are looking for KYC identity data verification, form fill, attribute verification, synthetic risk signals, data refresh, or other identity data operations, our out-of-the-box functionality manages and fortifies the entire identity data journey and is easily implemented into your workflows and waterfalls.

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Exceptional insights at every stage of the customer journey

Deliver personalized services and better manage the customer’s identity lifecycle, including acquiring, onboarding, protecting, transacting, and personalization.

  • Onboard
    A flexible and configurable API framework that efficiently fits into your existing onboarding workflows
  • Transact
    Implement real-time identity operations enabled by our cloud-native solutions
  • Protect
    Prevent and detect potential fraud and other risks leveraging our advanced fraud analytics and identity intelligence data
  • Personalize
    Create operational triggers and servicer profiles to personalize customer experiences


Powerful solutions providing a fortified and frictionless journey

This comprehensive identity suite provides unparalleled insight into your prospective and existing customers as you engage with them on their journey.

  • Tailored Services
    Our solutions support the entire identity information lifecycle, built to deliver improved customer experiences
  • Fraud Prevention and Risk Mitigation
    Through precise synthetic risk signals and flags, our solutions help detect and prevent potential fraud and other risks
  • Greater ROI
    By leveraging coreIDENTITY, you create more value with less effort and reduce your technical footprint


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