Quickly solve complex cases and address security risks

IDI provides a powerful, cloud-native technology solution delivering insight on people, businesses, assets, and their interrelationships, enabling thorough investigations anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Delivering actionable intelligence

Leveraging a massive data repository with historical depth of over 30 years and industry-leading search and investigative capabilities, IDI presents connections and relevance of information otherwise unattainable.

From locating individuals in seconds to identifying threat actors and hidden assets, IDI provides actionable insights that allow investigative professionals to see the entire picture in an easy-to-consume format.


A next-generation identity intelligence solution used to address a variety of organizational challenges, including investigations, due diligence, risk mitigation, identity verification, individual and asset location, and regulatory compliance.

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Leading-Edge Technology Meets a Massive Data Repository

Don’t settle for outdated technology producing inconsistent and incomplete information on individuals, businesses, and assets. IDI provides the industry’s most advanced and performant cloud-native identity intelligence platform.

Leverage a massive data repository consisting of credit header, proprietary, public record, and publicly-available data covering nearly 100% of the U.S. adult population

Conduct thorough investigations anytime, anywhere, on any device with advanced mobile app functionality

Seamlessly integrate into existing workflows with intuitive interfaces whether using online, API, or batch

Flexible pricing solutions, including seat, per-hit, and flat-rate