Real Estate Investors

When targeting properties for real estate investments, finding accurate owner contact information can be a challenge.

Additionally, while other services make it difficult to understand what information is considered “off-limits” for marketing purposes, idiCORETM offers specialized access for real estate investors, with data that is not gleaned from “regulated” sources such as the GLBA and DPPA.

Through the fusion of public record and proprietary data, idiCORE provides intelligent insight into people, assets, and interrelationships. Our batch processing services can add contact information for property owners to any list, as well as additional financial and relationship information. Submitting a file for batch processing is easy, with same day turnaround time.

Real estate investors can start contacting possible investment opportunities much faster with idiCORE. The contact information provided is also ideal for creating marketing campaigns focused on reaching motivated sellers and buyers through direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, or call campaigns.

Easy set-up API connections are also available to have contact information directly feed into your CRM or other software application.

idiCORE is also available via an online version for manual lookups.

idiCORETM is perfect for:

  • Real Estate Investors
  • Real Estate Wholesalers

Industry-Leading Right Party Contact Information includes:

  • Phones
  • Addresses
  • Emails
  • Relatives
  • Financial Flags
  • Deceased Flag

With idiCORE’s batch processing, API, and online solution for real estate investors, contact potential buyers and sellers quickly to locate your next property more efficiently. Contact us about running a FREE Test Batch or sign up for a FREE Trial.


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