Unwrapping success: Strategies for marketers this holiday season

close up of someone holding a credit card in one hand and typing on a laptop in the other. A small gift box is next to the laptop.

The holiday season offers marketers new and unique opportunities to reach their audience, providing a great experience at a key time when consumers are deciding where to spend their income. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the holiday season can represent as much as 30% of annual sales for some retailers. During this peak shopping period, understanding each consumer’s motivations, desires, and pain points is second only to delivering effective messaging that speaks to this understanding.

Diving deep into customer profile insights and granular behavioral attributes can illuminate the path to more effective campaigns that create long-lasting connections. By focusing on a deeper understanding and personalization, marketers can drive both engagement and conversions this season.  

The impact of deeper knowledge
In an era where consumers are bombarded with content, personalized experiences can make your brand stand out. By tailoring messages based on customer insights, marketers can create more resonant campaigns. A report by Boston Consulting Group noted that brands that implement and advance personalization techniques in their marketing strategies can boost revenues by up to 10%. Additionally, Accenture found that brands that tailor their customer messaging and experiences based on personal insights see an increase in loyalty, which can lead to a 16% increase in lifetime customer value.

Streamlined messaging for quicker conversions
One of the challenges for marketers is the risk of overwhelming or confusing potential customers with mixed messaging. By using customer intelligence to streamline and refine messaging, marketers can ensure that their audience quickly understands the value proposition, leading to quicker conversions. Data from the CMO Council indicates that 46% of consumers feel overwhelmed by the amount of content they encounter, and brands that streamline and personalize their messaging can see a 20% increase in potential sales conversions.

Enhancing the customer journey and reducing missteps

Today’s consumer craves tailored experiences that reflect an understanding of their unique needs, desires, and challenges. To effectively implement personalization, retailers must follow a structured approach that includes:

  • Data collection: Collect diverse data from multiple sources. idiMARKETING offers an industry-leading consumer identity graph built from thousands of public and proprietary data sources.
  • Focus on key data attributes: Instead of getting overwhelmed by unlimited data, identify and prioritize those attributes directly reflecting your target customer’s persona.
  • Segmentation: Group your audience into meaningful, unique segments based on shared behaviors or preferences. This aids in targeted, streamlined messaging and offers.
  • Test, learn, and optimize: Regularly test your personalization strategies, learn from the results, and refine your approach for better resonance and conversion.

With more than 400 attributes across more than 260 million U.S. consumers, idiMARKETING helps to ensure your messaging aligns with the values and preferences of your audience. 

In the realm of marketing, understanding your customer is not just a strategy—it’s the foundation of success. During the holiday season, leverage the power of deep customer insights and personalized strategies to make your campaigns shine. Learn how you can optimize messaging during the holiday season and beyond using consumer intelligence insights from idiMARKETING.