Optimize Debt Recovery This Tax-Refund Season

With tax season behind us and remaining refunds being distributed, time is of the essence to reach debtors with improved means of repayment. This can only be accomplished with the right collection and recovery solutions that speed search and reduce time to identification. In the annual survey published by NRF (National Retail Federation), 33 percent of taxpayers say they plan to use their refund to pay down debt, up two percent from the previous year.1 The potential limited time between when refunds are received and disbursed can be narrow, making the task of locating debtors and making initial contact the highest priority.

Frequent changes in addresses, phone numbers, and employers can often lead to fragmented contact data. This can bring your search to a halt and risk your bottom line. When time and accuracy is critical, you can trust the superior data from IDI debt and asset recovery solutions to deliver the precise right-party contact and location information you need. Using our industry-leading, cloud-native identity intelligence platform and a vast repository of data assets, our data covers nearly 100% of the U.S. adult population.

Quickly find the appropriate people and assets with our powerful skip tracing solution, idiCORE. You’ll be able to promptly identify the location and contact information of your subject through an intuitive online interface. The user-friendly platform enables easy search options to locate a debtor’s phone numbers, addresses, relatives, associates, assets, and more.

For high-volume searches, explore batch processing and direct API connection options for improved workflow automation, at a competitive per-hit rate. By providing data points such as active-duty status, employment, and property ownership we can quickly help you to build an accurate snapshot of the consumer. Want to learn more about how you can improve recoveries with solutions from IDI? See why we have the best phone numbers in the industry.