Empowering Law Enforcement with an On-The-Go Investigative Solution – the idiCORE App

officer on scene with tablet

As investigations become more dynamic, law enforcement officials are struggling to sift through the increasing amount of data they need to do their jobs. Investigators are finding that it’s no longer viable to return to the office or call an analyst for assistance. Instead, it has become crucial to both accurately and confidently determine identity and gain situational awareness while out in the field.  

Fortunately, with the new idiCORE™ mobile app, officers and officials can now access mission-critical location and identity intelligence data anytime, anywhere, directly from their mobile devices.

Through proprietary linking technology, advanced systems architecture, and a massive data repository, idiCORE provides actionable intelligence to support investigations, due diligence, identity verification, legislative compliance, and more. idiCORE is trusted by over 6,500 entities, including law enforcement agencies, government branches, insurance companies, and Fortune 500 enterprise organizations. And now, it’s available as a mobile application for on-demand, on-the-go use from any device.

Historically, legacy investigative solutions would penalize the user since access was restricted to office settings or through applications-built desktop use.  An officer who required access to location or identity intelligence while in the field would need to either return to their precinct to run checks or call into an analytic support group to run searches on their behalf. With investigations being heavily affected by even the smallest of delays, both options proved to be problematic.

Taking valuable law enforcement assets out of the field to conduct desk work is untenable for many resource-constrained agencies. By having access to idiCORE from a mobile device, law enforcement organizations can keep their officers on the street by enabling direct access to key data from a secure and auditable mobile application, without the need for analyst support.

This proves to be increasingly valuable, as analytical resources are also often constrained in many law enforcement organizations. Diverting analysts attention to perform menial tasks, such as identity checks and verification, is a poor use of their valuable time. By empowering field officers to access the information they need to conduct critical missions, analysts can focus on conducting deeper crime-trend analysis and providing investigative support to major cases.

According to retired FBI SWAT Senior Team Leader Geoff Swinnerton, having mobile access to key data in real-time can be the difference between mission success or failure.

“In dynamic real-world environments, having access to key data about people being encountered and the environment in which I find myself can be the difference between successfully executing my mission and returning home safe to my family or not. With idiCORE app, officers can get the information they need to continue to execute the mission without the need for analytic support or diverting field resources back to the office. It’s really a game-changer.”

Relevant insights, continuously updated and accessible via mobile application, not only help law enforcement agencies better align investigative and analytic resources, but can increase overall case clearance as well.

To learn more or request a trial of the new idiCORE mobile app, please visit ididata.com or contact one of our sales representatives at 855-842-1410.